We screen films. We give awards. We sign contracts to winners.

The Hollywood Art and Movie Awards is the new generation festival in Los Angeles. With thousands of festivals on many platforms, today as a filmmaker you are looking to the festival that will really bring you something that others don’t.
Our mission at the HAMA is to go further than giving you an award.

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5841c48ba6515b1e0ad75aa4Lauren Henry and Josh Rodriguez will be our two reporters to cover the full festival : they will be in carge of recording short, sharp, fun and positive interviews with each and all of the attending filmmakers. Don’t miss out !

HAMA-poster 2018-BD

– a sale representation agreement to sell your feature film internationally
– a licence agreement to have your short film distributed
– tips to get your film distributed
– a strategic feedback regarding your film for commercial use
– creation of your film profile on Imdb
– many discounts will be granted to other rewarding festivals, each one taylor-made for the category you submit to.