Festival History, Mission & Founders


Creation of the Paris Art and Movie Awards (PAMA).


First award ceremony at the PAMA.


The PAMA takes place on the Champs Elysées.

Creation of the Alumni Network.

Opening of the Burbank office, in addition to the Paris office.


Creation and first edition of the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards (HAMA).

The PAMA takes place in the biggest movie theater of Europe, the Grand Rex.

The festival welcomes Sharon Stone.


Second edition of the HAMA, in Burbank and Pasadena.




The PAMA and the HAMA support independent filmmakers. We disregard budget and fame, we focus on passion for moviemaking.

You put time and efforts and stamina into your films. We come in to help, to screen, promote, offer filmmakers a platform to talk about their work and showcase their skills and personalities.

With the power of our two events, our networking sessions, and the international appeal of our Alumni Network,  we create effective connexions to support filmmakers and help you promoting your current film, and thinking of the next one.

You are a filmmaker in Los Angeles ? Submitting to the HAMA is the first step to get into the network. Every year, several films winning or not at the HAMA enjoy a direct access to Paris.

You are a filmmaker in France ? The HAMA is an event run by French filmmakers, and we will help you get here and step closer to Hollywood.



PGAMatt Beurois, festival director

Worked for 6 years + for the French government, in a branch where he was the head of a cultural department and two marketing divisions.

He worked on events with the cabinets of French President François Hollande, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and many Ministers and governement officials such as Minister of Culture Jack Lang, Ministers of Higher Education Valérie Pécresse, Laurent Vauquiez, Genevieve Fioraso and Najat Vallaud Belkacem.
He also worked with the teams of Paris Mayors Bertrand Delanoë and current mayor Anne Hidalgo.
The festival he created, the Paris Art and Movie Awards, lined up numerous talents over the years such as Sharon Stone, Mark Dacascos, Maxime Alexandre (DOP of upcoming “Shazam”), Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3), and got sponsored by former French Prime Minister Edith Cresson and French representative for USA and Canada Frédéric Lefebvre.

Matt is a filmmaker himself. He directed the feature film “The Barn“, out on September 4, 2018 in USA and Canada. He also directed actor Jansen Panettiere in “Five Minutes with Mary“, selected two times to Academy Awards Qualifying festivals. In 2015, his critically acclaimed film “Man of the Past” got into 35+ festivals and took home 15 awards.

Auregan-AFMAuregan, CFO

She is a producer and composer.

As a singer-songwriter, she performed more than 300 shows in France and Europe, with several albums out, signed in France, USA, UK and New Zeland.

She co-wrote and recorded a duet song with Billy Ray Cyrus, and also recorded two singles in London.

She composed the soundtrack songs for severals films, and the full score of “The Barn”, including the song “Broken Doll”.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris she self financed and recorded the moving song “Paris-Desert“.

In 2017, she went back into acting, offering a staggering performance as the sick and dying girl April in “The Barn”.

She worked for the French version of Masterchef, and produced documentaries about David Bowie, Louis De Funès, and photographer Marcel Thomas featuring portraits of Sylvester Stallone, Sigourney Weaver, John Travolta, Meryl Streep…

She also modeled for the French luxury brand Garel, for the clothing line Mais Il Est Où Le Soleil, and for the Native Indian franchise Harpo in Paris and the USA.